April 6-7, 2018

Rochester Riverside Hotel

rochester erotic arts festival

2018 REAF Artist Information: Packing Guidelines

Glass: Please do not ship work with glass. We recommend acrylic or plexi-glass. When glass is broken in shipment, it slices through everything in the package! Work for the Festival Store should be matted or mounted on foam board and inserted in a cellophane sleeve.

Packaging: Art work that does not sell will be returned in the same packaging it was received in. Please pack your work in a box that can be easily opened and re-packed for the return trip.

No packing peanuts or styrofoam please! Use bubble-wrap and packing tape to make a snug fitting envelope to put your work in. If needed, make a larger envelope for additional protection. The wrapped work should fit snugly into the box.

Carrier Guidelines: Check your carrier's packaging guidelines. Even if your package is insured, carriers will not cover damaged shipments that were poorly packaged.

UPS: How to Prepare for Shipping Step by Step
Fedex General Packaging Guidelines
USPS Boxing and Packaging Tips

Required Paperwork: Be sure to include the following in your package in an envelope!

1) Inventory of art

2) Return Shipping Label - filled out!

3) Liability Statement (download here)

4) Customs paperwork for return shipment out of US (usually noted as “on temporary exhibition”)

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