March 27-28, 2020

Rochester Riverside Hotel

rochester erotic arts festival

VIP Lifestyle After-Parties at the 2019 Rochester Erotic Arts Festival

Celebrate the sexiest festival on the East Coast well into the morning hours in our luxurious suites, open only to VIP Lifestyle Pass holders!

VIP Lifestyle Passes include entry to all REAF events on Friday and Saturday, including workshops, performances, fabulous shopping and our hot and provocative erotic art show. A full schedule of events for REAF is now available.

On Friday night, get pumped up at the REAF Dance in Riverview Ballroom, then head upstairs to the hot and sultry party suites on the 14th and 15th floors, open from 11 pm to 3 am.

Special Event: Saturday 3:00-4:00, VIP Pass holders only! Embodied Intimacy Partner or Group Touch Experience. In this workshop,participants will have an opportunity to receive and give full body touch (informed by your body) with a partner or a group. In addition, we will explore how breath, movement and sound can increase our pleasure as givers and receivers. Dress or undress as you feel comfortable (nudity is accepted/encouraged).Facilitated by Amanda Wattie, Intimacy Mentor and Touch Artist with certifications in Somatic Sex Education and Sexological Bodywork.

On Saturday, enjoy the Erotic Playground (dance with the Monster Dolls!) in the Grand Ballroom, then join us in the party rooms on the 14th and 15th floors from 11 pm to 3 am for an unforgettable experience.

You MUST have your VIP party wristband to step off the elevator or stairway on the 14th and 15th floors. Security guards will be posted at all entry points to ensure that only VIP Pass holders are allowed on these two party floors.

For the most fun, reserve a room on the party floors. Purchase a VIP Lifestyle Pass AND a Room Guarantee through our ticket page, AND make a reservation with the hotel at 585-546-6400 in the "Rochester Erotic Arts Festival" room block. See more info below!

Swing Playroom & Dungeon

Playroom hosted by Forbidden Pleasures
Hosted by Deb and John of Forbidden Pleasures (formerly with Exotic Fantasies), this playroom features a Sybian, spanking bench, St. Andrew's Cross, Liberator, Jacuzzi hot tub, and electrical play. 11 pm - 3 am Fri & Sat

Swing Playroom & Dungeon

Playroom hosted by Lady's Wicked Playground
Hosted by Lady's Wicked Playground. An eclectic blend of hedonism, kink, fetish, dark sublime erotic journeys, and acceptance of everything that is different and in between.  It is so easy to simply surrender your enjoyment to this life. 11 pm - 3 am Fri & Sat.

Sybian Playroom

Sybian Playroom
Hosted by Dr. Bumpy and Nurse Laura, this playroom comes with expert instruction and loads of hygienic attachments for you to try out. Open for workshops, by appt, and during after-parties, 11 pm - 3 am Fri & Sat.

BDSM Dungeon

Dungeon hosted by TAG
Hosted by The Aphrodite Group (TAG), this dungeon is only open to members of bdsm clubs who have previously attended a dungeon party. More info is available on our ticket page. 11 pm - 3 am, Fri & Sat.

Hospitality Suite

Late Night Snacks
Enjoy late-night snacks and appetizers, coffee, water and soda while mingling and mixing with other sexy attendees in our Hospitality Suite .

Erotic Playground

Dance with the Monster Dolls
Warm up on Friday night dancing in the Riverview Ballroom. Frolic on Saturday night at the Erotic Playground and dance with the Monster Dolls in the Grand Ballroom.

To Get Your VIP Lifestyle Pass

VIP Lifestyle Couples Passes: are PER COUPLE and may be purchased by anyone who is over 18.  

If you are a member of a swinger or BDSM club, please note the club name and your profile or scene name on your ticket order. Pre-approved attendees will pick up their party wristbands with their passes at check-in.

If you are NOT pre-approved, you will receive a card to be exchanged for your party wristband at an orientation. An orientation session will be available Friday and Saturday at REAF for party approval, which will allow you into the Swing Playroom/Dungeons and Sybian Playroom.

If you attended the 2018 REAF Lifestyle Party with a pass purchased online, you will be automatically approved for entry to the Swing Dungeon/Playrooms, #1400 and #1444, and the Sybian Playroom #1425.

In order to enter the REAF BDSM Dungeon #1500, you must be a verified member of any BDSM club and you must have attended at least one dungeon party of that club.

All VIP Lifestyle Pass holders will be notified of their party status within two weeks of their ticket order. A limited number of VIP Lifestyle Passes will be available at the door, but orientation will be required for those not pre-approved.

VIP Lifestyle Single Passes: are PER PERSON and may be purchased by verified members of any gender of a swinger or BDSM club. Request the link by emailing before purchasing your ticket. Non-club triads may also request a VIP Single Pass link by emailing

Room Guarantees for Party Floor: Purchase this ticket to guarantee that we assign you to a room on one of the Party Floors. You MUST also make your own reservation by calling the hotel at 585-546-6400 and asking for the "Rochester Erotic Arts Festival" room block. We are making ALL room assignments for the Party Floors. DO NOT ASK THE HOTEL to assign you a room on the Party Floors - they have no ability to do this and will tell you they are sold out. There is one handicapped-accessible room available on the 15th floor (not near an elevator). To reserve this room email