September 16, 2017

Sensual Haven, Syracuse

 Mini-REAF Fundraiser

12 Hours of Amazing Experiences!

Join us for a fabulous day of workshops, performances, art, door prizes, giant rummage sale, hot tub, lube wrestling, fire dancing, and
dungeon party. Proceeds to benefit the Rochester Erotic Arts Festival. 

12:00 Doors Open

12:30 Violet Wand Class (Wulfe)

1:30 Boobie Painting (Otter)

2:00 Scene Ritual Class (Rauncie)

3:00 Lube Wrestling

3:30 Yoga for Sex (Johnny Paddleseed)

4:30 Suspension Demo (Uma) followed by Mass Bondage on the Jungle Gym

5:00 Electrical Play/ Tens Unit Class (Peter B. )

5:00 Rummage Sale Opens

6:00 Dinner

7:00 Vac Bed (Peter B.)

7:30 Rummage Sale auctions off what is left

8:00 Door Prize Drawings

8:30 Pamporium

9:00 Fire Performance (tentative)

9:30 Naked Dancing around the Bonfire

10:00 Vac Bed / Exploratorium for non-vetted attendees

11:00 Cinekink and Digital Art Show

12:00 Event Ends

Limited to 75 attendees. Tickets must be purchased in advance. This is a private home, and directions/parking instructions will be sent to
all ticket holders.

Rummage Sale: Lazer will organize all sales. We will sell your new or used items at 25% commission, or you may donate the items and REAF will
benefit 100%. See details below.

ART: 2017 REAF Digital Erotic Art Show and more!

The 2017 Cinekink, REAF and Sensuosity Digital Erotic Art Shows will be shown on HDTV. Susie and Otter's personal collection of erotic art will also be on display.


Performances and activities will be added as they are confirmed.

Lube Wrestling

Lube Wrestling
LUBE WRESTLING is open to all attendees. Please bring a pair of socks and 2 towels if you plan to wrestle. Showers will be available for clean up.

Hot Tub

Hot Tub and Pool
HOT TUB and POOL will be open all day and evening for your pleasure. Please bring your own towel. Tub, pool area, bonfire, and inside the house is clothing optional.

Suspension Demo

Suspension Demo
SUSPENSION DEMO by edge player extraordinaire Uma

Outdoor Bondage

Outdoor Bondage on Climbing Dome
How many bodies can we tie to the climbing dome at the same time?

Body Paint Prints

Make a print with your boobies!
Make an art print using your boobs or other body parts and finger paint! This fun activity will be led by Otter, of course!

Naked Dancing

Dancing naked around the fire
Dance naked or clothed to the beat of drums around the fire


Have your feet rubbed, your butt massaged, and more!

Fire Performance

Fire Hooping with Sugar Hoops
Unfortunately Sugar Hoops had to cancel but we are working on another Fire Performer!


Additional workshops will be added as they are confirmed.

Violet Wand Play

Violet Wand Play
Light-hearted exploration into Violet Wand Play, from equipment, safety, to history and some strange (but true) facts! Tips and techniques will be covered ranging from a simple tickle to more advanced edge play like branding and fire play.

Electrical Play

TENS Unit Electrical Play
For the curious to the seasoned. Overview of types of electrical play with a deep dive into TENS play. Peter B. is a professional computer nerd who enjoys zapping people and doing predicament bondage scenes with electronics and rubber.

Vacuum Bag

Vacuum Bed
Peter B. will help you overcome your fears while sucking the air out from around you in this latex envelope. If you're game, this sensation play can be enhanced by many hands stroking you while you are immobilzed.

Yoga for Sex

Yoga for Sex
Stretch out before you hop in the sack! A very basic yet effective yoga class with a sexy side by certified yoga teacher Johnny Paddleseed. If you have a mat, please bring it, but it's not required.

Scene Ritual Class

Scene Ritual Class
How to create magical space and add theatrical experience to your scenes.


Lazer will be hosting her 3rd annual kinky rummage sale  to benefit REAF from 5 - 8 pm. Sales will be cash or credit and all will be final.

Got some neat stuff you don't really want anymore? Let Lazer sell it for you and REAF will collect a 25% commission on sales. Want to donate an item? Great, we'll take it! New and gently used items - past sales have included things like lingerie & fetishwear, toys, jewelry, shoes, knickknacks, art, dungeon furniture, and more... anything kinky, sensual, or erotic that you no longer have use for. No used insertables or panties, please.

SELLERS, here's how:

Clean out all your closets and drawers, dig through the corners of your play bags and check the old footlocker in the garage. Pile up all the stuff you really aren't jazzed about anymore. Fill out the form to register:

Lazer will contact you to arrange for pick up your stuff ahead of the event (preferred), or you can deliver your items to to the cash-n-wrap table by 4:30pm. Starting at 8:00, you can come collect the payment from your sales (minus the 25% commission fee), and any unsold items. Cash and unsold items not collected by 10 pm will be considered a donation to REAF. Should credit sales exceed cash sales, you will be paid by check.  

DONORS, here's how:

Simply contact Lazer (either via fetmail (@_Lazer_) or email ( and let her know you have something to donate. She will work with you to arrange delivery of your items to the sale.


Your entry pass will include 20 raffle tickets for our fabulous door prizes. You may put your tickets in the drawings you are most interested in. Photos will be posted shortly!


Q. What should I wear?
A. Please wear street clothes until you are on the property, then anything you like! Fetishwear encouraged. Changing room provided.

Q. Can I just show up at the door?
A. Tickets must be purchased online prior to the event. This is a private home, and directions/parking instructions will be sent to all ticket holders. Attendance is limited to 75 people.


Questions? Email