November 19-20, 2021

Holiday Inn Auburn
75 North St., Auburn NY

rochester erotic arts festival

Volunteering at 2021 REAF

Applications for 2021 REAF Volunteers are being accepted now. If you submitted an application for REAF 2020, you do NOT need to fill it out again.

Once approved, applicants will receive a link to self-schedule their volunteer shifts. A tentative REAF Schedule of Events will be available at that time so that you can choose shifts that do not interfere with your favorite activities at the festival. The Approval Email and link to self-schedule shifts should arrive sometime by the early summer.

Volunteers who work at least 4 hours will receive a $35 discount on any combination of passes or tickets available for this event. Volunteers who work at least 8 hours will receive a $75 discount on passes or tickets. Passes MUST BE ORDERED by Wednesday, November 3. Be sure to order passes that include the days you have volunteer shifts!

Attending Volunteer Training is highly encouraged. Perks include free food coupons for the REAF Snack Bar ($5 for 4+ hours, $10 for 8+ hours). You'll get a tour of the new venue and confirm your volunteer schedule. Also, we'll have your ticket package ready for you, which means you will be able to skip the registration desk when you arrive at REAF. If you can’t attend training, you will pick up your ticket packet at the hotel when you arrive for REAF.

This is a hotel take-over. YOUR REAF PASS MUST BE VISIBLE ON YOUR UPPER BODY AT ALL TIMES WHEN YOU ARE IN THE HOTEL beginning Friday at 3 pm. There will be a $10 charge to have security escort you to your room or vehicle to get your pass if you are found without it. Once you are in the hotel, from 3 pm on Friday to 3 pm on Sunday, REAF dress guidelines take over (genitals must be covered, tops may be bare).

Add these dates to your calendar:

November 1, Deadline for changing your shifts online
November 3, Deadline for purchasing your REAF tickets
November 13, Volunteer Training at Holiday Inn Auburn, 10 am - 2 pm (includes Thank You Lunch)
November 17-21, REAF Shifts at Holiday Inn Auburn

Volunteer Application