November 19-20, 2021

Holidy Inn Auburn
75 North St., Auburn NY

rochester erotic arts festival

Workshops at 2020 REAF  (HAS NOT BEEN UPDATED FOR 2021)

We have an amazing array of art, dance, sex and relationship workshops for you. All workshops on Friday and Saturday are still FREE (included in your admission price).

SUNDAY WORKSHOPS: These 2-hour, hands-on workshops take place on SUNDAY. If you buy rope or a flogger at REAF, we want you to learn to use it safely! All attendees are eligible, but you MUST PURCHASE A SUNDAY CLASS PASS at REAF or purchase a Sunday CLASS PASS online. NO WALK-INS.

Featured Presenters: Ginger and Ryan (aka "The Professor")

Ginger and Ryan from Life on the Swingset

Ginger and Ryan (aka "The Professor") are relationship revolutionaries and sexcation provocateurs with a mystical twist. They share their reflections on love, relationships, and living a passionate life through their retreats, guiding sessions, and podcasts. Find them on Life On The Swingset or allow them to take you along on their adventures on Intellectual Foreplay.
Instagram and Twitter: @gingerbentham and @ryanakaprof
Twitter: @gingerntheprof and @intelforeplay
Web: / /

  • Tuning In, Turning On: Playing on All Frequencies: Join Ginger and Ryan from the Life on the Swingset and Intellectual Foreplay podcasts to explore the energetic facets of attraction and connection. Experiment with tuning in to yourself and your partner as you play with consent and accessing altered states through mindfulness and shamanic practices. During the session, Ginger and Ryan will introduce simple multi-sensory experiential practices that you can take with you to deepen your connection with partners, playmates, and lovers. While there is a beautiful erotic energy that can flow during these practices, all remain clothed and vertical during the session. Where this enhanced energetic connection takes you beyond the session is up to you!
  • Freedom and Agency: Opening Relationships - Ginger and Ryan share practical strategies, philosophical perspectives, and stories relevant to those seeking to open their relationship for the first time or enhance their currently open relationship. Focusing on following your excitement, quality communication, and a playful mindset, join this interactive session with your questions in mind. Together for 27 years and with a decade of podcasting and hosting sex-positive travel and workshops, Ginger and Ryan are passionate about guiding humans to design loving, passionate, and unique relationships.
  • Swinging 101 Panel Discussion: Ginger and Ryan plus Forbidden Pleasures, Club Euphoria, and more. So you have considered the swinging lifestyle or other non-monogamous activities with your partner - now what? Swinging can be a great way to expand your relationship, but there are many topics to be aware of before you decide to get started. We will discuss:
    * The many types of swinging or non-monogamy
    * The do’s and don’ts of swinging
    * Talking to your spouse or partner about non-monogamy and swinging
    * Communications, rules and expectations
    * How to meet the right couples and/or singles
    * Clubs, Parties, Meet & Greets and the Swinger Community activities
    * Websites and sexy vacations
    We share our experiences, answer your questions and help you get informed about the Swinging Lifestyle.
  • Hosting Swinger Mixers and VIP Parties: Mix and mingle in a welcoming and sensual atmosphere, whether you have been in the lifestyle for years or are dipping your toes in for the first time. Ginger and Ryan and our other hosts will help you feel comfortable meeting others in the swing lifestyle.

Featured Presenter: knot_head and Miss_Curiosity_

Miss CuriosityKnot_head

knot_head. The contrarian simpleton of synthetics. Although he began with Japanese style rope, he quickly gravitated to the simple, strict, positional Western style bondage of riggers like Matt Williams, Jay Edwards, Lew Rubens and Claire Adams. For him it IS about “what happens once she’s tied”, spanking tickling... SEX! Creating challenging predicaments is his favorite. In the past few years he caught the photography bug and loves showing kinksters how easy it can be to get quality shots of everything from play to performance with whatever gear they have, in almost any setting.

  • Bring Back Bedroom Bondage: Fun ties for getting frisky. Bring your rope, and hitachi if you have one and let’s get back to making bondage SEXY!! We’ll work through some fun positions, adding predicament elements and everyone’s favorite.. the hitachi! Demo 30 min, plus 30-60 min rope lab
  • "The Puppet" Suspension Demo: It's fun, comfortable and a great first suspension or non-threatening intro to bondage. There are 7 lift points and the ability to change the position without re-tying anything. Walk through this unique, classic tie, complete with safety checks and short cuts. Includes basic chest harness and gunslinger hip harness.  You can use your own chest and hip harness if you prefer. We will also cover several single limb ties or “rope cuffs.”  Wraps, cinches, a teardrop weave, AND variations! Extending rope. Adjustable knots. Using loops for cuffs, gravity boots, and suspension comfort. Due to time and frame constraints this will be largely demo with advanced tying pairs showing you the way. Cameras welcome (photos of Knot_head and Miss_Curiosity_ only). Demo 60 min.
  • Introduction to Predicament Play: This is NOT hug and swoon performance rope. It’s an introduction to a completely different kind of rope bondage play. We’ll work through negotiations, safety, engineering, and an adjustable knot that makes this type of play more accessible. Several different predicaments will be deconstructed and demo’d. There should be some opportunity to tie along depending on time, frame space and experience level of the group. Demo 60 min, plus 60+ min rope lab
  • Fetish Photo Hacks -  Seduce Me with Light: How to make your photos more flattering and get them to POP!!  Angles, posing, settings, lighting, composition.... A firehose of quick tips to improve your results immediately. Bring any camera, including your phone, your ideas and a partner if you have one. 60 min.

Mister Rich and Brinalynn

Mister Rich and brinalynn are a Daddy Dom/ little duo who enjoy sharing their love of Cg/ l (Caregiver/ little) dynamics in many forms.

Brinalynn and Mister Rich
  • Littles Candy Social and Craft Hour: Join your littles friends and their middles, mommies, daddies and caregivers for fun activities, snacks and networking in the Cg/l community. If you'd like to know more about the littles lifestyle, you are welcome to join in the fun. You can wear your baby or kids clothes, or whatever you are comfortable in (bottoms must be covered, no dirty diapers allowed).
  • Littles PJ Movie & Snacks: Join your littles friends and their mommies and daddies for a movie and snacks. If you'd like to know more about the Littles lifestyle, you are welcome to join in the fun. You can wear your jammies or whatever you are comfortable in (bottoms must be covered, no dirty diapers allowed).
  • Littles Story Time: Cuddle up with your favorite stuffed animal while Mister Rich reads stories to the Littles. You may also bring your own stories to share.
  • Littles Sticker Swap and Stuffie Adoption: Bring your stickers to share, and adopt a Stuffie to take home with an official Certificate of Adoption.
  • Caregivers Roundtable: Caregivers, Bigs, Tops and friends of the Cg/l community will chat roundtable style ( littles are welcome too!) and discuss issues, concerns, share ideas and network with other caregivers. There will be coloring and quiet activities for littles as well.

  • Littles, Middles and Bigs Oh My: Come learn and share what there is to know about the Caregiver/little lifestyle!
  • Littles Floatie Swim: Join us in the shallow end of the pool with your floaties in your favorite bathing suit.
  • Littles Board Games: we'll have a lot of the favorites, but you can bring your own too.


Otter has been drawing and sketching as long as he can remember. Given the chance to take on the Doodles workshop, he didn't hesitate for a second!

  • Doodles Erotic Drawing Session: Doodles and giggles, boobies and sketches... enjoy a playful, relaxed drawing session with Otter. He'll tease out your creativity with his mangled humor and tantalizing models! You don't need to be an artist to enjoy this session.

Leah Camilleri

Leah Camilleri has been studying and performing a variety of movement and dance since a very age young age. Starting out with tap, jazz, ballet, and modern dance, she also studied martial arts and eventually found her way to musical theater and acting. Graduating from Nazareth College’s Theatre Arts program, she focused on acting, and how movement and physicality pertained to performance. In the 2010’s she delved into Belly Dance at the Goddess Hour Dance studio, and then found her way to the art form of Burlesque. Leah is currently an instructor of fusion belly dance and burlesque, her weekly classes are at Callan Harris Physical Therapy Center, and are attended by all kinds of adventurous, fearless women.

Leah Camilleri
  • Beginning Belly Dance: Are you ready to shimmy, shake, and move like a snake? Enjoy an hour of sensual movements and spicy dancin! Whether you are totally new to dancing or an experienced mover n shaker doesn’t matter. This class is about having fun, learning an age-old sultry and seductive style of dance. It’s also an enjoyable work out. All levels are welcome! Class will start with a basic head to toe warm up, then we’ll break down some technique and movement vocabulary. Once those moves start to feel at home in our bodies, we can string them together to make some sexy combinations. Think of the them as mini choreography you can take with you to share with a special someone(s). We’ll go over some fast and slow moves, as well as traditional versus more casual/modern styles. And we always end class with a little lead and follow freestyle fun! Get ready to shake those hips, and move your belly to the groove!

Johnny Paddleseed

Johnny Paddleseed is a registered full time professional fitness instructor, and Eastern philosophy fanatic with over 20 years of practice. He has been involved in this alternative lifestyle for more than 14 years. Johnny has been involved in hundreds of workshops and is a published author. You will enjoy his light hearted yet very informative teaching skills.

Johnny Paddleseed
  • Saturday Morning Yoga: Class description TBA

Dr. Joanne Wu

Dr. Joanne Wu is an integrative and holistic medicine and rehabilitation doctor (MD) who specializes in wellness. She is a fitness expert and experienced yoga teacher who is passionate about mindful health coaching. Her goal is to work with your goals, helping you get healthy, stay well, and simply be your best..

Dr. Joanne Wu
  • Acroyoga: Class description TBA

Christine DeLozier:

Christine DeLozier, L.Ac. is a licensed Acupuncturist specializing in Women and Men’s sexual health. She practices in Rochester, NY.

Christine DeLozier
  • Eating for Great Sex: Hot sex.  Naturally. That’s what this workshop is about. Hot sex is understood universally.  No translation needed.  Hard. Wet. Eager. Carnal. It’s the biological design of the human body and we must care for it. What we take into our bodies must nurture the vessels that supply blood to our sex organs, the nerves that command them, and the hormones that regulate them. In doing so we will bring out all that is possible from our own sensual physiology.Join us as we discuss the role of food in pleasure. How does food affect our bodies in the bedroom? What foods will allow for improved blood flow to the clitoris, vagina and penis? What foods will help nerves to signal pleasure and sexual response? We will explore these issues and find out how food does indeed affect sexual health.

Bewitched Burlesque Sideshow

Bewitched Burlesque Sideshow...............................................................................................................................................................

Bewitched Burlesque Sideshow

  • Burlesque Dancing: Class description TBA

Laura Bogush

Laura Bogush is the “pleasure mama” at Joyfully Orgasmic. It’s her passion to provide opportunities for women/vulva-havers to explore their sexuality, heal body shame, and maximize pleasure within a safe and supportive space. Laura has studied with Betty Dodson and is a certified Bodysex facilitator.
Website: Joyfully Orgasmic
Instagram @JoyfullyOrgasmic

Laura Bogush
  • Sexual Desire, Arousal and Fantasy: Setting the Stage for Pleasure: Good sex starts with desire and arousal. How can we mindfully access these feelings to enjoy more sexual pleasure? Learn what sex researchers say plus gain some strategies to encourage your own state of desire and arousal. We’ll also explore the power of fantasy to support desire and arousal as well as how to access your fantasies to enjoy sex by yourself or with a partner. Let the sparks fly and enhance your sexual experience by nurturing your desire, arousal, and fantasies!

Erin Cardullo and Melissa Weiland

Erin Cardullo and Melissa Weiland are new media artists specializing in digital video production. From music videos, to video courses, to fine art and video installation, a wide array of projects has allowed them to develop a varied skill set (and an expertise in speedy problem solving) and they treasure every opportunity to share their knowledge with other artists. Erin and Melissa also have a number of both still and motion works entered in the juried show that they hope you enjoy viewing as much as they enjoyed creating.

Melissa Weiland and Erin Cardullo
  • Films and Animations : Films and animations submitted to the Rochester Erotic Arts Festival Digital Show (titles and synopsis TBA shortly)

Miss Mackenzee

Miss Mackenzee is a Professional Dominatrix, Certified Erotic Hypnotist as well as an International BDSM and Sex Educator. Being involved in the lifestyle for 15 years, both on a professional and personal level, she quickly learned that not everyone experiences kink the same way. Her teachings have included classes that range from beginning 101 all the way to guest lecturing for graduate level programs. She has brought her experiences and skills to various organizations and events such as, SF Citadel, Widener University, Dark Odyssey, Adventures in Sexuality, Sexploratorium, The Kink Shoppe, Celebrity Cruiseline, Brimstone, Floating World, EXXXotica, and many others. No fetish, question, or topic is too taboo for her. She prides herself on creating a fostering environment that is safe from societal judgments for people to explore their kinks and sexuality.

Miss Mackenzee
  • Genitorture for Vulvas: Making the Lips Scream!: Do you love pussy so much that you just want to find new ways to play with it? Well come learn how to torture and tease your partner’s sensitive area in multiple ways without ruining them for next time and while keeping RACK in mind. Are you just beginning to experiment with genitorture and not really sure where to start? I'll go over some great ways to ease into this type of play. Master proper placement of TENS pads and how to use pleasure to inflict suffering on your bottom. Did you just get a great new pair of boots? Learn how to "cuntpunt" as safely as possible. Some other things we’ll talk about are chemical play, electro-play, predicament bondage, impact of varying kinds, and much more. Live demo.
  • Spanking for Punishment or Pleasure: What we once hated as children, we now love as adults...SPANKING! Whether you’re brand new to spanking or have been in the game for many years, this class is welcoming and you will walk away with at least one new secret trick. One of the most important things in spanking is warming your bottom up. You don’t want them to safe word before you really get into a nice rhythm. There’s the more practical lessons in regards to spanking such as stingy vs. thuddy and how to inflict pain on your bottom, not yourself. There’s many different ways to spank someone to create a number of sensations which we will demonstrate. There will be time to try different methods, whether you come with a partner or solo.
  • Supporting a Stressed Out Partner: It is clear that stressful situations are an inevitable part of our journeys. Think of a time when your partner came home from work frustrated and annoyed.  Did it make you feel like you wish you could do something to ease their mind and help them relax? In this class you'll develop skills and perspective for understanding/supporting an overworked partner. We will talk about how to recognize and define symptoms of stress for each partner, attending to individual needs, specific methods for interacting with a partner who is feeling overwhelmed, and more. Come join this important conversation on learning more about helping your loved one/s to recenter and refocus on the positive energy in their lives. This class will be interactive so come prepared to engage with your partner/s if you’re bringing one or with yourself if coming solo.
  • Awaken Your Body: The Fine Art of Sensation Play: Everyone always seems to be talking about rope and whips when it comes to BDSM but what about the softer side of things? Or the things that may hurt someone but not leave marks? This class is designed to talk about the wonderful world of sensations and how you can incorporate that into your sex lives. This type of play can be more intimate and seductive. Learn how to make your partner tingle like never before. We’ll talk about sensory deprivation and how that heightens all other experiences happening to your partner’s body. Sensation play can include things like tickling, electro, massage, fire, etc. Learning how to play in the safest way possible is an extremely important topic that we will discuss. We will go over different toys and the responses they elicit from the body so you know what to use when trying to create a specific reaction. There will be live demos and a chance to experience some of what we go over.


Wulfe is a master crafter of whips, floggers and dragon tails and owner of WulfeTailWhips.  He has been handcrafting whips and floggers for over 9 years.  He has been active in the BDSM lifestyle for over 10 years and currently serves the community on the management team of the Syracuse D/s Society as one of the education coordinators.  Educational topics that he has taught for the group include BDSM 101, single tails, floggers and violet wands.

  • Foundations of Floggers and Whips: So you have a new toy, now what? Let Wulfe of Wulfetail Whips take you beyond the basics to learn how good stance, posture and footwork can increase your accuracy and allow you to better control your level of impact and sensation. Learn the sensual side of your favorite toys, how different techniques deliver different sensations, and as such, leave different marks. Includes safety, negotiations and how adjusting your stance and swing can help you arrive on target and control the level of energy you transfer.

Master Bjorn

MasterBjorn was mentored in a 24/7 HP Household and has been practicing use of High Protocol, as a Master, on and off for the past 35 years. His slave, Free2fly (aka Free), has been doing High Protocol weekends, scenes and events with Him for the past 6 years, and assists in the training of those wanting to learn. His slave, sweetmisery, has been serving at High Protocol events for the past three years, and in service for High Protocol weekends, scenes and events with MasterBjorn for the past 10 months. MasterBjorn and Free2fly have been successfully hosting High Protocol events for the past four years, including Poker Nights, Socials, Dinners, Slave Auctions for Charity, and most recently an UNO Tournament.

Master Bjorn
  • High Protocol Training: This class will serve as an introduction to High Protocol in the context of Authority Based Dynamics for both relationships and events, through discussion and demonstration.  Learn how to go about constructing rules and protocols to fit within your dynamic relationship, as well as how to successfully interact with others during a High Protocol event.
  • High Protocol Demo: Step into the world of High Protocol for a 30 min demo following the training session.

BDSM 101 and Safety: BDSM Basics and How to Enter the BDSM Scene Safely

Rochester Kink Society (RKS) is a social organization dedicated to providing a means for BDSM and kink-oriented individuals to network, teach, learn, share, practice and discuss BDSM and related kink. We host regular parties in our facility, a premier dungeon in upstate New York. During parties, we have dungeon monitors staffing the dungeon to ensure play is safe, sane, and consensual.

Rochester Kink Society (RKS)
  • BDSM 101 and Safety: BDSM Basics and How to Enter the BDSM Scene Safely BDSM is a complex sexual behavior that many participate in, and even more are curious about, yet many people remain in the dark about the real facts behind BDSM. Whether you're kinky, kink-curious, or just want to learn, this class has lots to offer you! This class covers the facts and myths behind BDSM; info that everyone needs to know. Next, we cover how to join the BDSM scene for those who are kinky or kink curious. And lastly, we will cover how to safely engage in BDSM for those that are new to kink.
3 Hot Peppers


Knot_Head: Sunday 1-3 pm

  • Rope Bondage 101: Hands-on introductory rope bondage class. Space is limited so reserve your spot now online on the REAF Ticket page. Cost: $5 per person. **Wear comfortable clothing and bring a minimum of 2 lengths of 15 feet and 2 of 25 feet of rope.**

    Simple, sexy, safe.... FUN!! Rope doesn't have to be complicated, time consuming or intricate. Work with us through the safety, negotiations, communications and basic building blocks of simple, fun, sexy rope bondage you can use TODAY!! Bring rope if you have it. Some loaner samples will be available.

Bull Martin: Sunday 1-3 pm

Bull Martin
  • In-depth Flogging Class: The flogger is so commonplace in the scene everyone has at least one kind or another. But not many people know how to use it as effectively as they should. Join us as we discuss and demonstrate different styles, techniques, and strokes. Please bring your own floggers. Space is limited so reserve your spot now online on the REAF Ticket page. Cost: $5 per person.

     Bring a lightweight flogger or pair
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Special Sessions

Dr. Bumpy and Nurse Laura

For over ten years, Dr. Bumpy and his Sybian have been well-traveled, pleasing the ladies at numerous swing and bdsm events. Dr. Bumpy is always a gentleman and makes ladies feel comfortable.  Nurse Laura is a sex advocate and educator. A former first grade teacher and college professor, she holds a Master’s degree and has over 30 years of experience in the field of education. A student of Betty Dodson and a Bodysex facilitator, Laura specializes in helping women love their bodies and maximize sexual pleasure. Website:

Dr. Bumpy and Nurse Laura
  • Sybian Rides: A Sybian is powerful sex toy designed to bring a woman sensual pleasure.  It consists of a saddle-like seat with a powerful motor inside that provides both vibration and rotation.  A diverse selection of attachments, from flat tops to a variety of insertables, enables each woman to choose how to experience this amazing machine. Dr. Bumpy and Nurse Laura help you choose the attachment, set up the machine, and give instruction on proper use. After the ride, they sanitize the equipment for the next rider.  Here's your chance to take a ride! Times will be listed on the festival schedule, and/or by appointment.

Kimberly Kelstone

Kimberly Kelstone, DNP, CNM is a Nurse Midwife (board certified and New York State licensed), who focuses on all aspects of women's (AFAB) health, providing full-scope health care to patients throughout their lifespan: including sexual-health, contraception, STI prevention, pregnancy. birth, and menopause. Fluent in English and ASL, and conversational in Spanish, Kimberly lives in the Rochester area with her two teens, two partners, four cats, and six goldfish. She is also a lover of beer & wine, travel, good food, interesting reads and unfettered conversation.

Kimberly Kelstone
  • Ask Me Anything: Come and take an opportunity to talk with a certified women's healthcare provider! I'm here to chat with you about safer sex, vaginal health, orgasms, masturbation, and sex across the lifespan.Try some lube, learn about Ohnuts, clitoral stimulators, IUDs, diaphragms, Nexplanons, soft discs, and more. If you own a female-born body, or love one, this is the place to bring your questions.
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Social Gatherings

Kinky Mixer

You've seen them on your fetlife feed, now meet them in person! Meet and greet with members, organizers, and moderators of kink and lifestyle groups from all over upstate NY. Community members from a variety of clubs and organizations will gather to mingle and network while enjoying camaraderie and light refreshments. Members of any participating club or group are encouraged to join us.

Hosted by: Lazer, an active member of several area BDSM groups with a personal interest in promoting community cohesiveness.

Swingers Mixer

Mix and mingle in a welcoming and sensual atmosphere, whether you have been in the lifestyle for years or are dipping your toes in for the first time. The Saturday afternoon mixer is more casual, as you stop in to visit with old friends and meet new ones in between shopping, workshops, and performances. On Friday night, we're celebrating the Roaring Twenties in the REAF Speakeasy, so dress it up a notch and let your creativity run wild. Saturday night's theme is Shimmer and Sparkle, celebrating our shiny side.

Hosted by: Ginger and Ryan of Life on the Swingset, De and Ray of Club Euphoria, John and Deb of Forbidden Pleasures and more!

Furry Mixer

So whether you have a fursuit or not, or just love furries, you are all welcome to come hangout and make some new friendships.

Hosted by: Kayasu

Littles Candy Social and Craft Hour

Join your littles friends and their middles, mommies, daddies and caregivers for fun activities, snacks and networking in the Cg/l community. If you'd like to know more about the littles lifestyle, you are welcome to join in the fun. You can wear your baby or kids clothes, or whatever you are comfortable in (bottoms must be covered, no dirty diapers allowed).

Hosted by: Mister Rich and brinalynn

Rochester Kink Society (RKS) Mixer

RKS hosts a play party in their nearby dungeon after REAF on Saturday night. If you are interested in attending this play party as a guest, you must come to our mixer to be approved! Feel free to stop by our vendor table for more information or just show up at the RKS Mixer. RKS is a social organization dedicated to  providing a means for BDSM and kink-oriented individuals to network, teach, learn, share, practice and discuss BDSM and related kink.

Hosted by: Rochester Kink Society Board of Directors